10 Great Things That Happened in 2018

Friday, December 21, 2018

So how’s your 2018 going? Ours went alright, thanks. So, some pretty crazy stuff happened. From the sad (Aretha Franklin *sob) to the mad (what’s Trump gonna get us into next?!), we’re gonna talk about the rad. Before you throw the whole year away, 2K18, these are your best bits – in no particular order…

Royal news

10 great things that happened in 2018

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2018 was definitely the year of the Royal. First, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to Prince Louis, fifth in line to the throne, on April 23rd. And 3 hours later, she was outside the hospital taking pics – awwww. Then, the wedding of the year between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. 1.9 billion people tuned in to watch Hazza (allegedly) mouth ‘you look amazing’, a beautiful choir sing Stand By Me and possibly one of the best preachers we’ve ever witnessed on’t telly. Princess Eugenie of York exchanged nuptials on 12 October to her beautiful beau Jack Brooksbank. And thennn it was announced a few days later that Harry and Meghan are expecting. Wonder what the greeting cards mantle is like at the Palace…?

The World Cup

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Picture the scene. Blazing sunshine in the UK. England’s in the semi-final for Fifa’s World Cup. Tango Ice Blast is your hand. Love Island’s just started. Good times. We couldn’t have been any more excited to make it to the Third place play-offs against Croatia (spoiler alert, it didn’t come home). But for that month of June and July, we were the happiest nation on earth πŸ•Ά


Love Island

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For 11 weeks in the summer, everyone knew where they were at 9pm. Sitting in front of ITV2 with snacks, the group chat and hopefully Twitter live and kicking ‘cos the commentary was on fire. From Georgia’s loyalty scheme to Dr Alex’s (many) attempts at love, Love Island was the comeback we all needed.


If you haven’t heard of our career series Miss Boss, you’ve gotta get involved. In 2018 we saw so many women making major moves in the business world. From books (Slay In Your Lane, What A Time To Be Alone, Michelle Obama’s Becoming memoir) to podcasts (shout out The Receipts for making us laugh AND cry every week) and entrepreneurship, we can’t wait to chat to more inspiring Miss Bosses out there in 2k19.


2018 beyonce coachella destiny's child

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Beyonce’s done a lot this year. She dropped surprise album Everything Is Love under the name The Carters with Jay-Z. Went on a massive tour together over the US and Europe. She also headlined Coachella as the first black woman, so obviously it became Beychella. After cancelling her performance last year due to her pregnancy, she brought her B-game this year with cameos from super sis Solange, Jay-Z and YES – Destiny’s Child. She also had a 200-person HBCU marching band. Hun, let us breathe.

Ariana Grande claims Queen status

Ariana’s been through the most this year, and all we wanna do is take every single hat off her to her. After a painful break up with Mac Miller, she had a whirlwind engagement with “comedian” Pete Davidson which ended after the death of her former boyfriend. Amongst other things, she came out on top. We can’t wait to see what this ponytailed princess does in 2019. Thank u, next.

Wild trends

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Did you join the chunky trainer movement that swept the street style set earlier this year? Maybe you doused yourself in zebra print. Β We took a lot of risks this year, andΒ these trends were not for the fashion faint-of-heart. We said bye to minimal tennis shoes and hi to cycling shorts. Still here for it, though.

BBC Dramas

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One of the hottest topics here at MSHQ? Whichever cracking BBC drama dropped that week. Let’s face it, 2018 has been THE year for it; The Cry, Killing Eve, The Bodyguard, McMafia. If you haven’t caught up with a major dram’ on a Sunday, load up that iPlayer and get involved.

More women running for office

POLITICO Illustration/AP | illustration/AP

2018 was dubbed as the new Year of the Woman,” and with a tumultuous year of American politics stealing the news headlines, this was the perfect news to hear. “Nearly 60 percent more women declaring plans to run for the House and Senate this year compared to the 2016 election.” Although obviously equality won’t be a quick and painless process, we’re getting there.

Spice Girls reunion

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On November 5th, the Spice Girls announced their first tour in over ten years, with six stadium dates in the UK. The ’90s and ’00s kids screamed with joy – IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING GUYS! Minus Posh Spice (although there areeee rumours), we couldn’t contain our excitement. Hold onto your knickers, girls – we’ll see you next year.

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We just wanna send a massive love heart to each and every one of our #MissSelfie angels, and we can’t wait to see how you wear our new spring drop in 2019 😏

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We’ll see you next year guys 😘